(8) Other Subject Matters & Teachings

(1). Adam Was A Black Man and Eve Was A White Woman (2). Exploring The Spirit Of The Red Horse (3). Idoaltry Is The Cause Of Aging and Death and Hell (4). The Extended Worship Program (5). The Mark Of The Beast (6). What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved (7). What Is Holiness (8). What is meant by The Gates of Hell

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What Is Holiness

Holiness is the nature of God. Holyness is Gods DNA. Because holiness is God`s DNA then comes the power of God with Holiness . Therefore, man is endowed with power from God through living a holy life unto Him. Thus, The Holy Ghost is God`s DNA within us to empower us to do all things. Through Holiness miracles are wraught.
Holiness is the best state of a man, the best effort of a man, and the best a man can be. This means that living holy demans that a man denies him self and the flesh in order to become holy. Thsis makes holiness as a standard that a man must attain daily. Mans resistance to temptation must continue daily and his temptations may appears harder each time to match with the level of resistance that he is due to God against his flesh.

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