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Adam Was A Black Man and Eve Was A White Woman

Writer: Delroy Young
The Story Of The Races

Now the bilble and many other books recorder that God made man in his own image. Now if God made man in his own image, and he made man from the ground. This means two things.

(1.) The man that what God made from the ground must also have the color and complexity of the ground. Notice this! The color of the ground is the same color as the black man, and the black man is the same color as the ground. This means that the black man was the man that God made, and Adam was the first black man. One would have a lot of explaining to do to even try to justify an argument that the white man was made first. While it is obvious that the black man was the first man he made.

(2.) The second thing is that God made man in his own image. Now if God made man in his own image then who is man most likely to look like? Is he likely to like like the man he did not made or is it the man that he made? Now the man that he made was made in his own image, and the man he made was black, so then what color is God? Didin't he just tell you? Are you willing to assume that he is white while evidence he gave you just told you that he is black?

Now we have established our testimony and just a few lines to tell you who we are and how we got here. Not only is the black man the first man but the only man.
When God saw that partner was needed for Adam, he did not make a woman from the ground, not just because God does not do redundant things but because no other man shall be made ny the same God who mane man. For if God made another man he would have made men and not man.

Now the woman means, that which is woven from a man. So economically was she made, for this one flesh and bone was to make the woman. Therefore, she was thinned out and diluted until she became the upposite of the man.
While the man have dark skin, she have white skin, just as the color of flesh and bone she was made from. While the man have nappy hair, she have long straight hair which also took the color of the flesh and bone that she was made from. While the man have a protruded penis she have a sinked in vagina. Which the man is black she was white - as stated before.
So white woman came from the black man, for she is the product of here rib and bone, and in deed the same color of the rib and bone - which is obvious when you look at her.

By now it should becoming obvious that from these two opposite kinds came all the other nations and races in between.
Those who took the jeans of the white woman (Eve) are closer to her geens and are more genetic.

Now there is a race that fallse deeply to the side of the woman and is itself the race of the woman. This race hated Adam and the other children of Adam, and set to destroy them. Whether or not the evil one did impregnated the woman to bring his first child and her first child into the world - in the for of Caine, I have no evidence of that, and therefore not authorized by the Holy Spirit to teach this.

What I know is that God said that he would set enmity between the devil's seed and the woman's seed, so then why was the devil and the woman seed? Where could the devil get a seed if its not from the woman.
I also know that both Caine and his sister (who became his wife) was both evil, and none of them looked like Adam. The reason why I know this is because when Seth was born (Adam's third son), Adam said that finally he have a son that looked just like him.

I am just stating what I know. I am not saying that the white man is the son of the devil but my analysis fail to disprove that.

Caine slaughtered his brother with a stone and hid the body in a cave, while his mother and father mourned his death for one full month. Therefore Able was not even burried. The reason why I know that is because after Adams death it was stated that Adam was the first man to be burried in the earth. So this is evidence to what I already studied that Caine hid his brother's body.
Caine loved a lot of material things and was greedy for wealth. He surrounded himself with much earthly goods and was killed by stome from his housectha came tumbling down. He died the same way he killed his brother.

Later on when the falling rouge and angels was casted out and thrown into the earth and began having sex with women. It was said that they was having sex with the daughters of Caine. These were the white skinned women. Therefore, the nephtilum race and the nimrods are these of the white race. They can claim a form of superiority because they were having children with fallen angels. Nevertheless these angels were separated from God, and now I am really feeling tempted to write beyond the scope of this article, so I will continue about this.
Its hard to write things to those who have not done any research, for that makes it harder to explain.

These same angels that didn't wanted to bow to Adam when he was taken up to heaven, because he was black was the same angels that was cast out ofn heaven and partly for the same reason. No I realise that I am in trouble, because now I am going to have to explain to you how Adam get into heaven and what was he doing there. Wow! I cant even explain to you any of this without explaining all of that....

I think Im forced into writing the whole book and put it in a link here below. I never expect this blog to turn out like this. Lets just write a book call the first man and put it here below;

Lets close up this blog because a lot of you will have questions that is going to go beyond this scope and I intend to answer them all. This book is going to be deep so lets go into this whole matter so we can put the whole race matter to rest. Give me 5 days from today. 6/27/2020.

Now the woman that was made from the flesh and bone have the color of the flesh and bone, this is the color of the white woman. Now here is the evidence of that. When Adam woke up and saw the woman that God made, he said "Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone". Now if Adam is looking at the woman he cannot see her flesh and her bone, but his flesh and his bone as evident in her skin. Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone means that here skin looks like his flesh and his bone, but, obviously, not his skin.

Now look and see that it was one rib amd the flesh attached to that one rib that was used to create a whole woman. This means that that limited resource take from the man have to be stretched far enough to become another human being. Thus as this stretch occur that which comes from a man become less of the man. You see the nappy hair is stretched out and become straight and became a color closer to the flesh and bone that it was made from. Furthermore, the man become less of a man so much to the point where he became the opposite sex. By thus this vessel became the weaker vessel by the process of its dilution.

So here we are in the garden of Eden with Adam, a black man, and Eve, the white woman that came from him.

Now Yehweh God did not made a covenant the woman, for when the woman came the covenant between Yehweh and Adman was already made, she came as an addition to the plan to be a help mate in the plan. Therefore, she is the second person in the plan, and any attempt that she make to lead is a dysfunctionality. For if God have no covenant with her then God cannot give her orders to execute in the plan. Therefore, the man who is in obedience to her ideas is inobedience to orders that could not have been authorized, for she is not in a position to make those decisions. This is why when Yehweh God came to the garden he didnt call for Eve but for Adam, because He have no covenant with her.

But Adam, the black man, loved Eve, the white woman, and he trusted her.

Now the enemy of God could not approach the man face to face, so he went to the weaker man, which was the woman. Then this woman is set to decieve the man because of his love for her.

Because the woman was bone and flesh, she naturally loves the things of the flesh. This leads to her wanting her own power and her own kingdom, so she was a good target to anyone who could promise here that. Now the woman was dangerous to the kingdom of God, for if she was not satisfied with second place, neither will she be satisfied with first place, and the next place up from first place is God. Therefore, she have the ambition- not just to be adored but - to be worshipped.

The enemy of God wanted to put his DNA, and his spirit and nature in man, through the things that man love so that he can destroy the souls of man, because his DNA is not welcome around the presence of God. Therefore, them with his nature are lost and man are lost because of his nature.

Now the enemy of God must get his seed into woman so that she can bear his off spring. He coiled up in the spiritual world as a baby in the womb, as one who represents the moon and had the color of the moon, which is that certain grey, which represents deception. For the moon represents the lesser light, which is a light that is less brighter than the sun. Them who rules under this are lunars who appeared to be smart. Yet when the a man is in the darkness this is the brighter light, for the day has not yet come.

Therefore, the illuminati forces shed that light that is the lesser light, and men in darkness know not of a brighter light.

This lunar looking spirit that curls itself as a babe in the whom is the spirit of the lesser light was coming to be in the woman to open the eyes of man to a lesser light that to them will be that consciousness of self that is in the absence of the strength of God's light.

When this spirit had entered the woman it shall deceive her, then the man who shall fall under the covenant and government of that spirit shall also be deceived. As the spirit entered the woman, he entered her whom also and she was pregnant with that which was the son of the enemy of God. Now under any token of obedience to the enemy of God is the token of disobedience to God, so what the did specifically as an action was irrelevant. The sin they committed was disobedience to God.

Now because they were no longer in the will of God, they were in darkness. This is why when the light came they were naked and could not approach him. For it was that light that showed them that they were naked, for without the brightness of the light, their nakedness would not have appeared.

The child that the woman brings that was the evil child was that of the enemy of God, for the enemy knew her first. That second child that she brought was that of the man Adam. For the woman had twins, one was the son of God's enemy and the other was for Adam.

Since the son of the evil one have not Adam's blood, then he could not be black but white, for the woman was white and the devil who tempted him was not made from the earth so he could not have the complexion of Adam. This means that Kayne was a the first white man that was born.

The sons and daughters of Adam and Eve were several, and not just two. The bible use Kayne and Abel to tell a story but did not include the details of the others.

If Adam's comment when Seth was born was "finally I have a son that looks like me" then this means that Seth was black, and the whole generation of Israel came from this man's loins.

The gentiles are the generation that did not come from the black race. They are gentiles because they are genetic. Genetic is a shorter form for gentile. The reason why they are gentiles is because they are diluted form of humanity. This is because the came from the flesh and one bone that was watered down to become one whole human being - as I have already discussed.

So the generations of Kayne are direct descendances of the devil whose seed the woman bears in the form of Kayne.

The devil hated Adam and tried many times to kill him, and when he finally succeeded, he had him in hell. It was when Christ came and went into hell that he released Adam. For if the first man that was made could not be saved then no man's salvation would have been possible. ..

No because the devil hate Adam he hate every race that came from him, especially that which is closest. This explains why it is not possible for the white man to love the black man, even though he came from the black man - in the sense of the woman.

Racism will coil up like a snake and take many different forms, and show many different faces but it will never go away, and the black man is in a position that he can never hate the white man as much as the white man hates him - no matter how he try, for this hate comes from what he did not choose but what choose him. The black man - on the other hand - cannot hate what comes out of him.

Now also pay attention to the fact that all other nations came between Adam and Eve, because these other nations are a contras between the black man and the white woman.

Those other nations would have Adam's bloodline and DNA, so the white man hate them two. Therefore, when you hear them say that any nation that is not white is not accepted, that is the devil hating on Adams DNA.

The DNA that Eve have for the Adam because she came from his rib would have been relevant if she had the love for him that he had for here, but the devil was her first love.

Now this is an interesting fact, If the white man that came from the white woman who came from the black man, can produce that offspring that come against the black man and this offspring say that he is different, then the black child who the white woman produced that came from the black man, also have that evil blood in him that came from the white woman who is the mother of the children of his enemy.

For as she ly with the devil, they were one flesh, then when she lie with the man, they too were one flesh. This means that the man was one flesh with that flesh that was one flesh the devil. Therefore, when those two had come together to bring forth a child, that flesh is also the flesh of the devil, for he has the devil's DNA.

As Kayne, who was the son of the devil, was a murderer, and covetous and hateful, so is every man that is born of a woman.

The black man had that covenant with God and he breaks it. He was given the world to rule over it, and given the wisdom to do so, but when he forsake the will of God he subjected himself to major discrepancies. Nothing can the black man do in authority except he do it in the will of God, for he have no power otherwise. Not so with the white man, for his rulership over the world came from the devil , who doesn't own it. Therefore, we see massive blood shed and invasion of other peoples sovereignty when the white man have power. For this is the administration of the devil that is at work. His government is that of the Antichrist, for he is wicked and heartless. For the devil comes not but to kill and destroy.

It is man that failed to keep his end of the bargain with God, and not the other way around. Therefore, the covenant that God made with the black man still stand. He must rise up and take a rightful and responsible position. His administration must not terrorize and do wicked things, but shall care for all, and administer to whole world without favor. For every nation and every race are his descendants and his responsibility to govern in the sovereignty and humility before his God.

For this man that is of this race and is Godly, is the government of this world, and the rightful government. For when he speaks less it shall mean more. He must plan his administration and the safety and wellbeing of all living things, and the sea, and the skies. Then he must govern as one who is responsible for the survival of the earth.

For when that which is the head becomes the feet then it shall be crushed under the feet.

There will never be any advancement of the black race except they segregate and govern themselves first. For by such righteous government shall all nation follow. The denuclearization of the world and destroy the weapons that the devil had created to destroy man. To sit down with every nation of the world and to impart peace and understanding. To cause every man to work to build and to share the wealth. To cause all man to worship God for all the good things he had done.

This dream of lasting peace can be realized in the righteous government of The B5 Community where the black man realize his responsibility make right that which he had done wrong in the sight of God. For by this shall Yahuah heal the nations, and sickness and diseases shall be no more. The world suffer when the black man fail to lead, for the earth was given to him to govern. The white woman is his wife, for she is the mother of all his children, and the mother of what destroys them. Therefore, let there be no more racial wars, for that which the black man hate comes from the black man, and that which hate the black man came from the black man. Therefore, he is a dilemma unto himself, and none can be blamed for his plight but himself, for he forsook his purpose when he fail to lead.

For when the black man is in the perfect will of God, God shall defend him.

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