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(1). Adam Was A Black Man and Eve Was A White Woman (2). Exploring The Spirit Of The Red Horse (3). Idoaltry Is The Cause Of Aging and Death and Hell (4). The Extended Worship Program (5). The Mark Of The Beast (6). What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved (7). What Is Holiness (8). What is meant by The Gates of Hell

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Exploring The Spirit Of The Red Horse

The Spirit of the Lord had ordered me to come back and explore this subject of The Red Horse, so that the generations of men may know how to fight the battle against hell. Now as the Spirit Of God had ordered me, so I write, that the eyes of the blind shall be opened up.

For like a lion strangles a man, so is this spirit strong. Like the flesh of a man resisting again the piercing bullets of iron so is this spirit effective. It build prison walls and put together the mechanisms that is so strategic that a man cannot get out. It is the locked door that is locked with iron bars and metallic devices. It is the power of the state against a man, and the governments with the prison system and the iron keys. It is that man caught up against the system with strong evidences against him. It is evidence conviction with that evidence that cannot be questioned. It is the inevitable purpose that cases up and sums up everything that its evidences are on, and create these scenarios by himself. It is all of this, so strong, because it is the spirit that is of the forces of death and hell.

The Red Horse MANUFACTURE the subjects of unbelief and market them, for the Red Horse created the things according to human thinking, and the things that will guarantee the man's unbelief.

Now as the Red Horse is that horse with the purpose of death and hell, this spirit must do everything to cause the lost of the soul, so it must create unbelief in what on the subjects meant to save that soul, so that the man will not even enter into the path that was designed as the process meant to save his soul. Therefore, the red horse puts up a universal block-aide in the minds of men. This purpose creates unbelief against the gospel, and, therefore, the carriages of such gospel.

Therefore, men say that will not associate himself with his salvation, simply because the preacher doesn't live right, has accepted the terms of The Red Horse, and is deceived by him. Men also say that the church collects money and the preacher drives too much of an expensive car. Men also say that the members of the church doesn't live right. What men do not know is that it is the spirit of Red Horse that creates these very scenarios of incidences, to serve the broader purpose of creating that said unbelief, to create the purpose of casing the man to abstain from that gospel of salvation for his soul's sake.

For all men are subject to temptation, and the preacher is not condemned because of the material things he have but for the spiritual things he have not. Neither is the church in error for managing the finances of its members, for the church is a government over the people it serves, and an administration. Now any member of the church that fall after any temptation, have an access to the thrown of grace where such sins can be forgiven.

The man without an effort to his salvation cannot judge the man who seeks, for he cannot judge those who trod a path that he had never trod. If the sinner can judge those who try, then that sinner knows the right thing to do. Therefore, he is inexcusable. For the kingdom of God is an equal opportunity setup, where any man who have a zealous passion can forward and be to God as much. Therefore, the talk against others who are weak only makes this speaker a judge and the hypocrite that knows better but refuses to come and show others the truth. This claim of blame shall not excuse the soul of this man, and - by no means shall not- prevent his punishment in the after life.

For the money that this man shall be left with when he refuses to give to the church and to the poor, cannot save him. Neither can the money that he gave. The pastors that he selected to be his scape goat, shall not be present in his judgement when he is questioned about the life he live, for they do not even know this man.

For when a man know that the Lord of heaven did came and purchase his salvation through his blood, the pastor is now irrelevant, and so is the life he live. For every man must give an account for his own deed, and the opportunities that he did not fulfill. Every person that is not The Savior is irrelevant to your salvation.

Yet the red horse find this as an effective tool to use against man, so that by that purpose he can promote unbelief and damn such a soul in hell. Millions there are them that are lost to this divisive belief and millions there be that are being lost. For that strategy is the device of The Red Horse. For this spirit is the government over unbelief, and the government of unbelief, and the government over unbelievers, and the government that creates the unbelief, and the government that creates the scenarios and elements of unbelief, and the government that market unbelief, and the government that profit from unbelief. For it is that which comes from the abyss, and works for the spirits of darkness, and owes its loyalty to that kingdom. For this is the spirit of the beast that deceived many, and carries the purpose of the Antichrist.

For it governs through mind control, and mind transplant, and possesses the spirits of man, to take full control of him. Therefore, the red horse can possess the man to do things that are beyond imagination, for it is wicked and evil. Now even the man that is possessed of this spirit and is mind controlled by it is surprised by his own actions. For the spirit takes away this man's ability to control himself, and by this man's anger and lack of temperance, he is lead to the gates of hell.

Sorrow is in the hearts, because of the matters that The Red Horse controls and how he can use these things to hurt the souls of man - when the man is connected to anything that the red horse have power over. He pulls these cards to make the soul sad. This is because when the soul is sad, the soul is weak, and when the soul is weak he (the soul) is being lost. He wonders in depression and is distracted because of this sad matter that the red horse had put unto it. When the soul is troubled the soul is in trouble and when the soul is in trouble the soul is troubled. Here the red horse hopes to score, and to those who know not the devises of this spirit, they are gullible.

Here where the red horse have cause the soul to wonder and be sad and depressive and distracted, if the man have not the faith in God to overcome this thing that rests on his mind, then his soul is being lost. For depression, and anxiety, and fear, and guilt, and all in that group, all comes from The Spirit of The Red Horse. This is the same spirit that generates diseases in the human body. This disease is initiated by submission to any of those spirits, for they are all spirits of the Red Horse, and all infected with death and hell. For comes also that law of an untimely death that is governed by this spirit.

Anxiety and fear, and impatience and lack of temperance and self control, and the making of preparation for that thing that comes through the same doubts that are created by the red horse, all comes from The Spirit Of The Red Horse. Then distraction takes the mind away from solutions meant to fix this. This is because this spirit is of the spirits of the Antichrist and of The beast, and participates fully in mind control.

This spirit is represented by the number of mind control, which is 666. For there is a 6 that is the red horse, a 6 that is the black horse, and a six that is the pale horse. All three work together for the same purpose of mind controlling the mind to lead the soul to lost. For the pale horse - which is deception is responsible for moving the man's mindset from the perfect will of god and make him believe that the compromise is acceptable. The black horse is the spirit of initiation that represents the same darkness that the man is deceived into. The red horse purpose and management to the path of hell. For 666 on a man's forehead is the representation that this mindset is controlled by that which is outside of Gods will.

For a state of mind is what the red horse must create, so this is the goal. The Red Horse's goal is to keep a man under its mind control as much as possible. Thus the man under this mind control will miss the opportunity to fix this matter.

For nothing that the red horse pose as a human problem or issue, can be solve through fear, or any - lacking of faith in God - matter that the red horse poses. For stress and anxiety and fear and tension only make the situations more real.

Now as I said, the matters that the red horse had brought against you were brought with evidence. This means that you cannot defeat him at this level on which he brought those things, for you are weaker there. This means that you must rise above these things in order to overcome them. For you can only overcome when you come over, and that is to rise above. In order to rise above you will need to have faith in a greater spirit. This superior mindset is the mindset of The Lamb Of God, for if you are not in this mindset then your soul is being drawn into hell. You have no choice! For the soul that is depressed cannot be saved, since being depressed is evidence of a lack of faith.

It is ironic that you have to get in The Mind Set Of The Lamb Of God, because it is The Lamb Of God that takes away the sins of the world. Therefore, the things that The Red Horse brought against you with the evidence of your guilt, is a case that shall be dismissed by you being in the mindset of The Lamb Of God, since it is The Lamb Of God that takes away the sins of the world.

Now when you come into the mindset of The Lamb - which also means that you have risen to a higher level - put together a plan that shall defeat the cases of the red horse. If it is money that relates to the matters that have caused you to be stress, solve that problem once and for all. Go for that plan that will make you money and put daily effort into it.

For now you are in the Mindset of the Lamb of God, get money now, for this is the only safe place that you can. Any money that is below this level is dangerous. Now here is the place where you are safe in your salvation with God, don't put your mind on money, just get it, and get enough so that you dont have to set your mind on it, for that mindset is dangerous and can lay you back in the hands of the beast. For God is with you here in The Mindset Of The Lamb. Stay here constantly and don't leave. Put a plan together, and develop a consistent work ethic, for God is in the plan here, it is within His perfect will and it, therefore, cannot fail.

Rejoice! Be happy! Dance! Sing! For nothing can overcome you when you overcome everything. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Now you can make money and not be ashamed of it. This is my first time giving permission to a man to do this, for herein is the only place that we can.

Furthermore, your health shall be restored here in the presence of the Holy God, who shall also grant you life to enjoy. When you are blessed, seek out the poor and comfort them. For there be many that are stressed and depressed, for they have not yet overcome the spirit of the red horse.

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