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(1). Adam Was A Black Man and Eve Was A White Woman (2). Exploring The Spirit Of The Red Horse (3). Idoaltry Is The Cause Of Aging and Death and Hell (4). The Extended Worship Program (5). The Mark Of The Beast (6). What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved (7). What Is Holiness (8). What is meant by The Gates of Hell

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Idoaltry Is The Cause Of Aging and Death and Hell

The doctor is aging, and he is aging rapidly. Howbeit, he is the supplier of medicince and said to be a life saver. Yet I wouldn't go as far as to say that, if he is a life saver, then he should save his own life, because I know better. The doctor is not aging because he is a doctor, the doctor is agning because he realized that he is a doctor, not for the purpose that his work should serve but for the honor that such title bestowed upon him. He is entitle to this honor, because he earned this position a long time ago. Now the many years he went to school, and the much that he had studied and learned, had brought him to this place of hnor.

For sure this doctor is certified by the state, and to achieve that certification, he had to have passed some test. Then he got a paper granted as a certificate saying he is a doctor. Now he walks of knowing, and so does everyone who believe in him because the state said he is qualified, by the paper granted to him.

Now what if the doctor could do all the things that he can do, and have all the knowledge to perform his job competently, but yet he did not have the paper or document called a certificate. This would make a difference as to how this doctor is viewed. The doctor himself would feel the missing thing, even though he know his job, his mind would not be set on the doctor he is because he doesnt have a doctorate. Therefore, he would not be considered as a doctor. Yet! He can do the works of a doctor. This essentially make him a doctor in the true sense.

A man was born what he is, and waits on his body to life up to that standard. The body logs behind the spirit, but that is not the subject matter of this writing.
The point I want to make here is that the doctor who is a doctor, but not a doctor, does not idolize hiself as a doctor but work harder to proof that he is. The doctor that is certified have nothing to prove, therefore, no need to work as hard. For the dream of excellence is in the work of excellence, and the work of excellence is in the dream of excellence.

That doctor that is not certified as a doctor is ready to learn new things, and that pursute to learn new things keeps him young, because he is going after fresh ideas. The doctor who is already certified looks at his degrees and tells himself that he has already accomplished. He wakes up daily and remember that greatness that he had accomplished, and his mind set is attached to what he had accomplished in the past. This degree that this man have is his idol, even though he does not appear to physically worship it.

The man whose greatness was recorded in the past, and recognizes what he did there, is an idol worshipper. This greatness that had past, that he tied himself to shall cause his flesh to age, and if this subject of venerating the past shall continue, this man shall die, and that of an untimley death.

For God is the source of life, and every man's idol the source of is his death. For that dead thing that is in the past that the man worhips, is a death thing. That dead thing brings death, which is forth coming through the evidence of a man aging too fast. For it is the taste of death that made the man age, and his life is life unto death, and death unto death, and everlasting death. For when a man is in idolatry, he is worshiping lifelessness. Therefore, he shall die, and when he die - being already lost - he shall continue seeking for pleasure of the flesh and idolatry in the afterlife - for though he is in darkness it shall come as light unto him. This pursute shall bring him more death into death, and further into everlasting death. This worshipper of idol shall be nowhere to be found. For he is lost into lost and die into death. The ghost of this man shall not even appear, as they have been revealed to have appeared in the second spiritual realm, where the dead and the living meet.

For idolatry is a wicked spirit, and that which is merciless against man. It brings the soul of man deep into the abyss of hell, where the man is gone and lonley, as he is trapped in a world where no one can even access or go. For even them that are there are in their own world, deep and saddened and unfortunate, and totally lost. No one knows the route to even get to this terrible frightening place, so obscure and lonely. This place is out of the bounds of where even prayer could reach. For the Lord God Almighty is absent there, and all his good things are taken away. For the breath of life that the Lord had given to us made us a living soul, but for a dead soul this breath does not exist. Therefore, they suffucate there and suffer. So terrible is this place that my eyes are now filled with tears, even as I write, and my hands tremble, my mind wants to refuse to go further in describing this dreadful country, where the souls of men - unfortunately - end up.

I say to all man, fear idolatry, for this is a warning! My lips speak in tongues as I contemplate the danger. I ask you, oh man kind, to value this writing with all the emphasis, and then doulbe the emphasis. For while a man waits for the return of our Lord, and contemplate whether, dreadful things awaits man in the afterlife, more descriptive than any language can express. For this I speak of as the first death and hell. Everyman shall be relevant in this matter, and the life of man is but a few years. My soul weeps for the ignorance of man.

A man need to be sealed by the Holy Spirit, for this is the mindset of The Lamb Of God, according to that which was spoken of in the book of Revelation. Whatever idol a man's mind is set on, its not worth the consequuences that his idolatry shall bring to his soul, your soul will be lost, eternally and indefinitely. Humble yourself and abide in the perfect will of God - AT ALL TIMES. This is the only hope for any man.

For it would be better for a man to go through life having nothing, than to loose his soul over vanity. For if God try to connect with a man and that man is not where God expects him to be, there is serious issue there with this man's soul.

Idols cause the souls of men to rot, and makes a man's spirit stink. This stinkness of the man's spirit disconnects him from the Holy God and left that soul to perish. Keep your mind on The Perfect Will Of God.

As, again, for The Red Horse, it is that spiritual government and administration, that plants the desire for pleasure in a man's mind and excites it. The red horse puts the sweetness in sin and cause men to be addicted to it. This addiction to sin was practiced in the man's life on earth, and he follows after that sin without the denial of the flesh.

This is like the baby that taste sweetness as a child and becomes addicted to it for life. So the reptilian spirit have a key into the spirit of man from birth. More pleasure for the flesh had derived throughout life, and the man is an addict to some pleasure or another.

Well the man is now death through his over addiction to pleasure, then he goes into the spiritual world and be tempted by this same pleasure the red horse spirit had tricked him to believe he can fullfill. Then that pleasure lures him into the abyss in his afterlife.

This is the word of God that all man should pay attention to. It is the spirit of the red horse that cause a man to debate even that which cannot be debated. For this is pride in a man to score victory over talking points. However, none of this debate or talking point matters. The fact is that there is a hell that is a horrible country and many are ending up there, even right now as we speak. I explain things in clarity. This is not a debate subject, for the afterlife is not going to ask a man what he believes, because a dead man cannot believe. If the Holy Spirit is not there to transport your soul when you die, you are going to end up in hell.
  • Love your children but dont idolize them, for there are more serious consequencies to that.
  • Use the things that God had put in your life, but dont spend too much time on them, take that time out to know God and live holy.
  • Dont worship the man of God but worhip the God of man.
  • Shun the love of and the love for money, for this is very dangerous. The Lord God Almighty will provide for them who keep their minds on Him and do His Perfect Will
  • If riches comes your way, set not your heart on it. For this is temptation.
  • The Lord God Almighty hates the pride of man, therefore, shun it.
  • Be fruitful unto God by winning souls to live the Godly and Holy life like you are living.
  • Water baptism is necessary for all believers, for it is of the law of the salvation of the soul
  • Don't hold grudges for any man, for this is a cancer in the spirit that will devour the soul, as it is initiated by the spirit of the red horse.
  • Don't hate, for hate is a poison, and the spirit of witchcraft, and that is of a demons that posess the souls, this is the red horse who inititiates hate
For with grudges and hate, it is impossible for a man to have peace. When a man have no peace of mind, the red horse controls his mindset, and this is the path to hell.

Writted by Delroy Young

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