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(1). Adam Was A Black Man and Eve Was A White Woman (2). Exploring The Spirit Of The Red Horse (3). Idoaltry Is The Cause Of Aging and Death and Hell (4). The Extended Worship Program (5). The Mark Of The Beast (6). What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved (7). What Is Holiness (8). What is meant by The Gates of Hell

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The Mark Of The Beast

Explaining The Mark Of The Beast in Shortest Summaries

If I say that I am the only one who know these things then it would sounds like I am arrogant, or probably it would seems like it. The thing is, I have been to places where neither does my arrogance nor my lack of arrogance matters. Neither does highs or lows, or being smart, or anything. The point is that whatever you feel I might be then it doesn't matter to me. I have had people who though that the links I send them was about me, or it was something that I was trying to promote, and I was going to benefit financially from it, so they absent themselves from the very information that was meant to save them.

I am a truth seeker, that is who I am, and I am telling you who I am because I don't want any one to waste time judging. The reason why I can explain my revelations, is because they are revelations, which means they had to be revealed to me by a process. Now I can use the same process by which the things were revealed to me, to revealed it to somebody else.

So why then do we have to explain so much and break down things and bring in so many different scenarios to show you the truth. This is because of unbelief. You see! What is out there deceiving people is a whole campaign that started long ago, and that which is lead by very powerful forces. This is so, because when a man's eye has become open up to the truth, he rises from his sleep, pick up the pieces and walk. He is free. I throw back many a thoughts and theories and questioned then and test drive them, to find truth. For a man have to be conscious to lie, therefore when he is in a state where he is absent from the consciousness of this physical life, only the truth shall matter. Therefore, we sought for the truth, and it took years to be revealed, not that the Holy Spirit wasn't ready but that I wasn't.

The powers that must control a man must first brainwash him, for only by that method they can put a leash around his neck and guide him to where they want. Then in comes the kundalini spirit, this is that spirit that wraps around the spine and control this person's thinking, so that they defend the wrong that they now owns, and strike against the truth - like that snake that is the kundalini spirit. For this kundalini spirit was assigned to then by the subjective spirit that controls them.

The Jews themselves, when they knew God, they refused to glorify him as God and became subjected to a reprobate mind. Therefore, the kundalini spirit was there. For those who crucified him by ignorance, were no longer ignorant when they knew what they did. For they have seen him risen from the dead and many saw him ascended back in the clouds. But hate doesn't quite, when the subjects were discussed and explained and all the mysteries were put together and solve, the answers were there, laid out on the tables, but hate must return to what it does best - hate!

Therefore, to the Jews who wants to be in control, the truth doesn't matter, for they are the wicked Jews. They hated him and do not want to glorify him, except they are being glorified in the process. I mean they heard he was to come long before he came, but when he came they did not expect him to come as a simple man. Then when he left out of his simple state and took on a glorified form, they became jealous. Then because they couldn't kill him according to their laws, they fabricated a case against Him and persuaded the Romans to kill him. They did not want to let go of the traditional commandments that was the law, so they rejected the dispensation of grace, and moreso, the carriage of this dispensation Yeshua Hamashiac (Jesus Christ).

Now here we are in the last days, after all the books were written of the laws, and the new testament books were written, and the life of the righteous were been exercised, then comes the book of Revelation to pose holiness and separation of the church from the world, for even the righteousness that Paul preach was not good enough to save. The Lamb of God was being challenged in the spiritual world, for his body is set to be destroyed by the enemies of God, so much so, that there is a fierce war going on against the souls of men, and a total separation from the world is needed. For the lawful cannot be governed by the lawless.

As long as Christ left his body to be his people, his people is left to decide how to protect his body. If he wants that body clean, then that remains an issue for his people. God's people must fight hard to keep the body of Christ clean. Our spirits have to be holy and dwell constantly in such holiness, as this means to be sealed with the Holy Spirit - without sinning.

If God could save man at a compromise then he would, but in order for a man to be in the presence of the Holy God, he must be fully holy. Any place where the man is not holy he is lawless. If lawlessness is found in holiness then holiness becomes unholiness. This is the theory of the Antichrist in the church. It is not that the church isn't trying but that the holy God cannot help himself but to be holy, and only holiness can dwell in his presence.

How can them who hated Christ not be apart of the Antichrist? If a nation of people call themselves the chosen people of God, then they are the most likely ones to be the Antichrist. Only Christ's can be the Antichrist. For the body of Christ is the only body that can be the Antichrist. That Antichrist cannot exist in any other body but the body of Christ.

For why then would the body of Christ be concerned with the body that is not of Christ to call that body the Antichrist, for then all bodies that is not the bodies of Christ would be the Antichrist. He did not came to save the world, so why should he be addressing matters of the world, as if the misbehaviors of the world would surprise him. Everything that Revelation spoke about have to do strictly with the church and not the world, for the church is his body and his business. The spirits that were forecasted in the book of revelation were that which was created because of the apostasy The apocalypse is formed from the apostasy.

When the body that is in Christ becomes corrupted and work against the will of Christ then that body of Christ is become the Antichrist, for this is the spirit that destroys the very same body that it is against by its lawless practices. For the poison have to be in the body to destroy the body. That poison is the spirit of jealousy and hate that destroys the body from the inside. Be it therefore, evident that those who called themselves Jews and are not in the perfect will of God are the destruction of the body of Christ, from the Jews who established the Roman Catholic Church, which combines the grace of God with paganism. This church is the kingdom of Satan, and is the head of the kingdom of the Antichrist.

Let it be also known that the church is the housing of the Antichrist - not the world.
The church - in general - is the prostitute that the book of revelation talks about. The reason why the church is referred to as a prostitute is because it wears the spirit of compromise, by accepting every lower standards and thus subjected itself to the subjective spirits.

The woman - who is the whore - is that queen that the man had subjected himself to and made her ruler. For by worshipping the woman the church had subjected itself to subjective spirits, for the law of worshipping a woman is the law of the subjective spirit, for that act - in itself - is subjective.
Now by all this a man is under the subjective spirit and the mindset of The Pale Horse is in control. This Pale Horse represents the spirit of deception, which had taken over the church.

Now while the church worshipped, the anointing is stolen by the Antichrist, and is cloned to the body of the dead. For the church is not in a position to worship God. Therefore, even their most anointed worship goes to the Antichrist, for it is the Antichrist that embodied them, based on the way the current church is established and setup.

While they change names and denomination from time to time, like choosing color in a paint store, to put on the same house, the only one beneficiary to this practice is the kingdom to whom the division of churches benefit most, the kingdom of darkness and of the Antichrist. For they know that when they body is torn apart it is being destroyed. Then comes the advent of Facebook, with that spirit that is feeding on the congregation and emptying out the churches everywhere. For these churches tried to target groups, using the instrument that was created by a demons spirit of darkness, The Black Horse. The church that is to be a spiritual house is totally ignorant of spiritual things.

Now the duty of The Spirit of The Pale Horse is to deceive the church into thinking that they are worshipping God. The church doesn't know that God is specific and cannot accept compromise. Therefore, anything that is less that what He wants is rejected.
Because the worshipping of the Christians have the anointing, that anointing have life. Now that life, given to the dead had made the dead alive, but the dead can only be alive unto dead, because the dead have to be alive to more of what they are. Therefore, death is what is eminent when death is appraised. The way the demons of darkness show gratitude to them that serve them is by death and destruction.

To explain that better, worship is a man's totality, it is his essential energy being put forward with the things that matters most to him. The reason why a man need to worship God is because any thing a man worship, that thing (power) must be higher than the man himself. Therefore, a man subject himself to God through worship.

Now worship belongs to God only, and through worship a man becomes better than he was, because God empowers the man through worship. This means that, anything a man worship becomes his God. Now if that thing is a lifeless thing - such as becoming an idol because of its lifelessness - then this lifeless thing have no life to make the man better so it make him worst.

Let me rephrase that, if when a man worship the God of life he becomes alive, then when the man worships a lifeless god, he becomes lifeless and dead - like the God he worship. The lifeless god cannot give a man life because he cannot have life if he is lifeless.
Now mark these two things!

1. Life, is, all good things including life itself and more life and life everlasting.
2. Therefore, lifelessness must be the opposite, which is "all bad things and death itself and more death and dying unto death".

What is Idolatry
Idolatry is any subject that a man puts his interest and essence into that glorify that subject itself rather than God. Now even if God did put this subject into a man's life - in the first place. The man in idolatry is worshipping the good thing that God had done rather than the good God who had done this thing. The man in idolatry expects this good thing to serve that good purpose without recognition to the God who inserted it.

In this the man's blessing becomes his curse because he has detached himself from the God who granted this thing, while he placed his soul around this thing itself.

Now that thing that God had created and put before the man or put in the man's life, is a dead thing when the man fail to recognize the source that installed it. Therefore, this thing becomes a lifeless thing because the God of life was detached from it because of the man's failure to recognize God, the source. Now the thing starts to serve the opposite of the purpose it was meant to serve, because it was disconnected from the source of its existence, and therefore, cannot fulfill its purpose, because it is only him who designs the thing can design the intent, and it is the intent of the designer, that designs the intent.

We've seen man made the error to use the things that God designs with the absence of the designer himself. Remember when the children of Israel tried to take The Ark Of The Covenant Of God to war without God's approval, then lost terribly. This is because they knew not that the thing that God had placed His power in is powerless when the will of God is not honored. Every promise that God had ever made with any man or with any nation, is conditional. This condition is based on that person or nation continuing in His will. It is "His will be done". Therefore, it shall not be done outside of His will.
doaltry Is The Cause Of Aging and Death and Hell

This also means that there are no chosen nation except that nation abide in the perfect will of God. You see God cannot relate to a man outside of His will. This was why he asked "Adam! Where art thou?", because once a man is outside of the scope of God's will, he is disconnected from God, and neither he can see God nor can God see him.

Now you may ask, how can the God who can see everything not see the man that is not in His will? You see, in order for God to see man, man must see God first. For if God is seeing everything then He is not seeing you. This means that the man must place himself in the perfect vision of God, that is His perfect will.
Now this takes us to the next level, where we can start explaining The Beast and The Antichrist.

All that I just explained, means that in order for man to connect with God he must do this through his mind and spirit and soul. As the bible indicated, "God is a Spirit and them that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth" John 4:24.

A man have to connect with God in order to obtain his soul's salvation. Therefore, he gains his salvation through the mind. Because the man gains his salvation through his mindset, makes his mindset also the place where he loose his salvation. Therefore, the battle for his soul is fought here in his mind. This place of the man's mind is his house and his sovereignty. This place that is a man's mind set is where he shall elect his God. For there are several there, fighting to win his soul through the anchoring of his mind set.

Please pay close attention

Because the man's mindset needs to be in God's perfect will for him to obtain his salvation. The enemy comes here to stage the fight- in your mindset -to compete for the control of the mindset, then by gaining the control of the mindset they win the soul. This is why the bible talks about The Seal Of God, this is the mindset according to the Holy Spirit, at all times. If this mindset is not active at all times, then you are not sealed.

The reason why your mindset needs to be sealed at all times is because any mindset a person dies in that is the mindset that wins the soul. Only one mindset can save the soul and it is the mindset of God's perfect will. Else there is no salvation of the soul possible. A man cannot be saved when he is disconnected from what is to saves him.

This is why the Antichrist function through MIND CONTROL. The mark of the beast as it relates to 666, is the object of mind control that comes through the control of a man's mindset.
Your forehead represents your memory and the labeling of what's on your mind. This is why when a person forgets something and suddenly remembers, he places his hand over his forehead. Therefore, that 666 is not a physical thing but a number that represents mind control. This you will understand as follows:

Six (6) is the number representing conception, such as a baby in the whom. Notice, that that number 6 is shaped like a baby in the whom. As a baby being conceived is the beginning of a life, this "6" represents initiation.

Now "Lord Jesus" is 66, as he was the birth of The Old Testament - in which he was Lord -, and the birth of The New Testament - in which he was Jesus -, same known as Yeshua and many other names.

Now as the birth of The Old Testament, he was 6, and 6 again in the birth of the New Testament, then he is 66. Now as it is written in Exodus 20:3, "though shall have no other god beside me". Therefore, a six placed beside 66 is 666. The third 6 that makes 666 is the god beside Lord Jesus, this makes the number 666 the representation of the Antichrist.

A person cannot be Godly except he have a Godly mind, irrespective of what he say. If his mind is not sealed by the Holy Spirit, then his mind is penetrated by the other spirits that fight to control his mind, for the purpose of winning his soul. Therefore, them whose mindsets are not sealed by the Holy Spirit to find and continue only in the perfect will of God, are sealed with the spiritual symbol of mind control, 666, which represents mind control. I dont know how better to explain that!

Now as it is a race for the control of the mind, the four horses spoken of the book of revelation symbolizes that race. The horses are used because it is a race for the control of the mind.
Now The White Horse is the Lamb Of God, that is the only safe horse and safe mindset that a man needs to be in if he must be saved. This is that mindset that is in the PERFECT WILL OF GOD.

Now The Pale Horse, notice that pale is close to white, and this pale can deceive you if you don't examine it closely. This is because the pale horse is the familiar spirit, and is the spirit of deception that had taken over the church. This familiar spirit shall teach and preach and sing, and that which he teach shall be with such clarity that it could deceive - if possible - the very elect. No person that is outside of the perfect will of God can detect this spirit. For this spirit even operate in the will of God but not in THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD.

This familiar spirit that the spirit of the pale horse represents have the anointing of God and is gifted, but in the end it subject its worship to the money God, and that worship that it did, God will not receive. This worship is cloned to the God of idols and of death and darkness and the purpose that is associated with it. This spirit is the head of the Antichrist, and crown the god of mammon, and that country of darkness has become real because of the anointing of the believers, who worship lawlessly.

By now it should be obvious that it is the church that created the Antichrist, one have to be Christ's first to become Antichrist, for that which is outside of the body is of none effect against the body.
The harlot that the bible spoke about in The Book of Revelation, is not a country, but - as I may have said earlier - it is the unholy church, which have subjected themselves to the compromising spirit.

This compromising spirit is the lawlessness that a man experience when he refused to go all the way and make good on THE PERFECT WILL of God. It is that lawlessness in the thing that destroys the thing. Therefore, this compromise spirit that is a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof, is the initiation of the lawlessness that destroys the body of Christ. This same spirit is the compromising spirit, this compromising spirit is The spirit of The Pale Horse, and that being also the spirit of compromise, is the compromising spirit that destroys the house of God, and turn the body of Christ into the Antichrist...
Lets move on to the red horse

Now The Red Horse is that which competes for the mind control, to make the soul sad with sad emotions, and act violently to violate the very soul itself. This Red Horse, because it makes the soul with sad emotion, it makes the soul weak, and because the soul is weak the soul can be made to destroy itself and turn and then move to convict and condemn itself with guilt and indignation and pain. It destroys a man's blessing, and his salvation, and his solutions to life's problem.

The red horse is set to destroy a man's faith, and by destroying the man's faith it destroys his happiness that is needed to empower the soul - which is powerful when it is happy, and powerless when its not. The soul goes into the afterlife in this weak state and is conquered by the gates of hell.

Sweet vengeances are stored up in The Spirit Of The Red Horse, and it plans the path of murder, or the devices that is set to the demise of others. It birth witchcrafts and ill will, all in the name of self defense. Then when it does these things, fear come up on the soul, and the spirit is so fearful that it cannot even carry out the very things that it so securely plan. It is shun by the simplest spec of light for its deeds are evil. It is a worthless spirit that brings shame. It is the head of the vagabond spirit that subject a man under things where he cannot rise above.

This mindset that is of The Red Horse have also the kundalini spirit that wraps around this man's spine to control him and defend that which is evil. For the things that this spirit have conspired in the dark must be protected, for they are not that which can be made known, for they are vile and condescending things.

Salvation comes to this man, but in vain, for that which controls him, possessed him. For when a spirit is let into a man's house the first rule is to lock the door, and to keep the keys, so that if he is pushed out he can re-enter. For the spirit that comes into a man's spirit through the entry of his mindset, comes not to visit but to live. In order for that spirit to live aboard that house he must control it. Thus the advent of mind control is necessary.

The same spirit of the Red Horse that tempt a man to commit a crime is the same spirit that cause him to get caught. For this spirit will captivate a man's consciousness and keep him focus on a non factor - as if it matters - until the man's chances are gone, then that spirit cause him to realize the deception, after the man can no longer control his plight.

This Spirit of The Red Horse is that spirit that lures the soul of man with pleasureful subject matters, after he is dead from the flesh. This process is called The Gates Of Hell and it last for about three days, after the spirit of the man had left his flesh.

The purpose of that process is to make it almost impossible for the man to return to his body and live, and to lure that soul into hell by the man's own convictions and guilt. This spirit of the red horse is responsible both for the imprisonment of man on earth and the imprisonment of man in the afterlife, which is hell.

This spirit is responsible for hate and fear and pride and diseases, and witchcraft and murder, and creates unbelief, and justifies unbelief. The way this work is that it creates mistakes through distraction, then that mistakes print the error, then that error cause unbelief. The subjects that this spirit causes the unbelief on are subjects that the word of God propose.

Because the red horse creates distraction, that point of distraction is the point where the attention was needed. Therefore, because the attention was not there the mistake was made, to create the same error that the man's faith will rely on. Now when a man doubts God he doubts the salvation of God. Therefore, he gave up his blessing and salvation because he did not believe in it. The red horse has now succeeded to convince the man that the salvation of the Lord, was not real, was not possible, was not fort coming, cannot work. The red horse gives man key reasons to believe that the salvation doesn't exist and that the word of God is not true, but the very reasons and points of views are created by the red horse himself. For this spirit is a liar, because it comes from the darkness that is set to blind the eyes of men.

Now because this spirit of the red horse is so tactical and strategic in its campaign of unbelief against God, it holds the lock of unbelief, and use the key that a man give him - by the man's permission - to lock the door to the man's heart. Therefore, unbelief exist because the red horse exist. The whole purpose and government of unbelief is carried out by the administration of The Red Horse....

A thing can be right before a man's eyes and yet he doesn't see it (notice it). This is because that thing is not the main subject matter, therefore the man's mind is not on that thing, and because his mind is not with that thing, his focus factor and recollection is not there. Likewise in the will of God there is the PERFECT WILLL OF GOD, in that PERFECT WILL of God is where God's focus is and where He grants the man his salvation, This is the place where his answers must occur, and the only place where God can save the man.

Outside of that perfect will of God, the man is lost and cannot find salvation in his afterlife, because he is disconnected from what is to save him. For the will of God does not save a man but only the perfect will of God. Many there be that were in the will of God and are lost, for even the devil is subjected to do the will of God, for that which the devil do that is called evil, is the opposite of the good, and the evil must exist before the good can exist. So the devil comes in on the perfect will of God, but as the subject of defeat only. For the will of God cannot be executed in a man's life where there exist no evidence of what had attempted to defeat it, for the man must overcome in order to become.

The man that knows not that his salvation is under attack by subjects of mind control, will make no effort to fight and win that battle, The enemies of God shall swallow this man like vegetable, for he is a gullible. and knows nothing about his salvation, since he is doomed to loss...

The spirit of the red horse is responsible for the spirit that does not let go because this man was unfairly treated, it promotes constant rerun of these negative actions taken against the man, and made the man hate and would not forgive. It feeds like candy on the man's mind and occupy the spaces and opportunities that comes to better the man. It captivates his thinking and holds his entire mindset hostage, to the point where this man does not pay attention to what he is doing and how he does it. Now the same thing that the man hates that was done to him are the same things he shall do to others - without even noticing it.

This now makes the man guilty of the same wrongs that was done to him, so now he has become that spirit that he subjects himself to hear, for a subjective spirit subjects, and all are victims, there are no victors. The red horse is alive here, and is now ready to kill this soul, because the mind is not focused then the soul can encounter an accidental suicide, perhaps by car accident.

Even if this soul was not upset at the time that this accident occur, the soul is still under the government of the red horse - for he had not renounced it - and that government puts together the circumstances and purpose that had caused the accident to occur. For these horses can create purposes. For blood shed is eminent with this red horse spirit of mind control, for this is an entity of the beast, and the beast wants blood.

The red horse is responsible for the misunderstanding that is in a person's mind when he decide to commit that crime against humanity that will take the life of many, such as mass killings and terror attacks and war. For this provides the spirit of the red horse with a harvest of blood, to satisfy his beast nature.... Lets stop with the red horse here, for this is a BLOG and not a book.
Now The Black Horse is that spirit of darkness that promotes the blindness of man, and shall lead many millions to the abyss, believing they are on the right track. This spirit must control technology, so it had controlled technology, and placed a devise in the hands of every man (the smartphone) to control them with this device and to communicate its agenda with them.
The black horse promotes groups that he initiated, like the gay agenda, and the feminist movements. It carries the power of initiation, and initiates people into the kingdom of darkness, and is responsible for blind initiation.

Blind initiation is like watching a television show which is showing a good movie but have a gay scene in it. Now by liking this movie with the gay scene a man subscribed to the gay agenda, even if he liked just the movie and not he gay scene. By this person's liking of this movie, he just subscribed to the gay agenda, and this person is initiated by this dark spirit to that agenda of the ANTICHRIST. The initiated doesn't know that he was initiated but the initiator knows. That spirit that is that black horse that represents the darkness, is of the darkness and must keep the secrets of the darkness. Therefore, the right to not reveal its true agenda, this spirit have.

The secret societies are created by The Spirit of The Black Horse, and have the purpose of hiding there true agenda. They works and spread their agenda through the entity of politics and government. For when a man votes for a man you vote for that man's agenda. Therefore, you have initiated the dark agenda of the black horse over your life through an electorate. This is why the people of God cannot vote for the governments of the world. For the body of Christ is the body of life - not that body of the dead that belongs to the Antichrist.
The church of the living God need to be a government of its own and the government over its own people, for the body of the dead cannot govern over the body of life. The world is of the beast.

That country that is symbolized as the dragon gave power to the beast, which, this time, is represented by corporate America. The power that the dragon gave to the beats is the ability to buy products cheap and sell these cheap products to every community. These products are labeled "Made in China", China is therefore the dragon that empowers those companies with the products that they can be competitive with.

The small businesses in every community are being driven out by these large amalgamating company - which gets there power from the beast to make that amalgamation possible by their cheap price.

Now after the small businesses are all gone - in submission to the pressure, the amalgamating corporate businesses shall increase their prices and force the nations into poverty. There shall be no more middle class after the prospects of the small businesses are eliminated. Billionaires shall be the new millionaires. These billionaire companies shall subject the poor to their boss (The Black Horse), and shall be the agents that shall lead the world into the abyss.

As a man dreams about money when he has none, so does that key for the love of money exist. Furthermore, that which the man already have is valued less, for the cost of living is high, now that the black horse is in control. Therefore, this is a state of deceptive poverty, where every man shall have but cannot afford.

By this the merchants have experienced what is spoken of in the book of revelation, that they "cannot buy or sell without that mark". Well so neither can the buyer buy, for because everything was made by that dragon.

Here in, the Mind Control government of The Black Horse, the beast have a different face than with The Pale Horse and The Red Horse. Those are different worlds with different symbolism, but all work for the purpose of defeating the soul.
By the love for money the poor shall be subjected by the rich, who shall feed them to the government of the black horse. The black horse shall lead a great army of souls blindly into the abyss.

More about The Red Horse

The Sting Of Amalgamation
There is a new carwash being built in that corner of your community. It is being built at a high financial cost, but never mind, for the S&P 500 group is funding this through the stock market. This is guarantee funding to buy the land that the local car wash businesses could not afford, even though they are there for many years.

When this car wash is finished, they shall employ 5 or 6 people from the community to run this business because it is a drive through. They will pay them a hourly salary. Now whereas, it was $15 to wash your car, it is now $7. That is already a sold in terms of the local public, who believe they are saving money.

There were five car wash locally with 5 people employed to each, so 25 people is out of a job to hire 5 people and pay them less. Consequently this puts 20 people out of a job, for eventually these other local car wash businesses will be gone, even if the ordinances of the city did not force them out ahead of time.

Now when this new coming Amalgamating company looks around and see no competition he shall increase his price. This is how they operate and the strategy they use to Amalgamate.

Now who created this possibility? The consumer! This belief that saving money is always wise is an ignorant belief, because when you spend money with the beast, you're not saving it but loosing it. I use the word "ignorant" to explain the law of God that men are not aware of. In this law, when you support a man with a family, God open doors for you to receive many folds than that which you spend. You see, everything that God don't want his children to do He have a provision to fill that gap. God never take anything from a man that He will not restore.

Therefore, divorce the world and its ways and methods, and come full force into the will of God, for whatever you shall give up you shall have multiple folds.
This black horse is the master of technology and social media, and those who are over those things work for him. For they write codes from behind the black console, and control the populace. They - with that power to inform have the purpose to misinform. Therefore, they promote lies and mislead the populace. This is the will of The Black Horse that they do this thing..
All this indicates another reason why the church must separate themselves from the world, for the black horse has contaminated it, so much that there is nothing in the world that the servants of God can simply touch without been contaminated. For anything that a man touch that belongs to, or derived from any subject matter or agenda that was initiated by the black horse, is death to the soul of a man. For this is condemnation. Anything that the dead is connected to is stink in the spirit, Yehweh will not have that, so the body of Christ must be separated, for that body of Christ is clean and incorruptible, and must not mingle with the dead, which is the body of the Antichrist.

Therefore, to all men who wants the salvation of his soul, guard your mind from mind control by sealing your mindset with the Holy Spirit, to do only that which is in the perfect will of God, for there is no salvation that is otherwise possible. A man, after death, cannot connect to that which he was not connected to in his life. Whatever mindset a man dies in is the mindset that will govern him in the afterlife. If he was disconnected from the mindset of the Lamb Of God when he dies, he cannot connect to it there, for the dead have not the power to deny the flesh after he die in the will of the flesh. For that government of the flesh is over his life and soul, and he is a prisoner in death.
Let it be known to all men that even the man who lives a holy life but is inconsistent in this holy living, leaves the opportunity where he shall die at the time when he was not faithful to God, for that opportunity presents itself for that very cause. This error that the man just briefly made, cannot be corrected after death, so his soul is lost. If a man is without the body of the flesh, he cannot deny the body of the flesh. If the man have not the opportunity to deny the flesh then he is in the will of the flesh. If the man is in the will of the flesh he cannot be in the presence of the Holy God, for the will of the flesh is against Him. The standards of the holy God is high, he cannot compromise. For if He could compromise then He would exercise a compromising spirit, and that spirit is that of the Antichrist, which brought the Antichrist into the church, to destroy the body of Christ.

Therefore, let the servants of God separate themselves from the world, and the elements of the world, guard their minds from the mindset of the spirits of darkness that is the pale horse and the red horse and the black horse, and abide in the lamb. Live holy! Be sealed with the Holy Spirit always! Your salvation is not yet obtained, until the race is won against mind control of the demonic forces of hell. For this endeavor to protect the state of mind is our goal and objective, for will not be condemned, we will not break or violate the seal of The Holy Spirit over our lives.

The Lord God almighty be with you to protect your mind and give you peace. Amen!

This teachings is extended in much greater details and broadness in my books, coming soon.

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