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(1). Adam Was A Black Man and Eve Was A White Woman (2). Exploring The Spirit Of The Red Horse (3). Idoaltry Is The Cause Of Aging and Death and Hell (4). The Extended Worship Program (5). The Mark Of The Beast (6). What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved (7). What Is Holiness (8). What is meant by The Gates of Hell

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The Extended Worship Program

* God does not regard CD Player Worship. CD WORSHIP IS IDOLATRY.

Worship is to a god. That god may not necessarily be the one God Almighty, as we know him, but a god must get a worship every time one is rendered, because it is something that we have empowered/appraised, and that thing will respond to us by its own nature, to attach us together to that same nature of that thing that we worship. Now what a person worships is what a person worships, for his worship have to be true to the thing he worship, for it is that place where his heart is.

So then let’s take a look at what a worship to God is. His requirements is that them that worship MUST worship Him in SPIRIT AND TRUTH. Well then if you must worship Him in spirit and truth, then that is the ONLY worship he requires, and the only worship he receives, and the only worship he will respond to. This means that all other worship is unacceptable, but men committed them anyway. So then if God is not getting those worship then who is getting them, for no person's worship goes to naught, your worship must empower a spirit over your life.

When a person worship's God, this person connects with God, God is the source of life, so all the situations of this person changed from their negative state to their positive state. The body that was sick with its diseases is now healing, the person's personal and material circumstances begins to change for the better, the negative spirits and influences are being move from before his path, for the demons that blocks a person's path cannot stand in front of his praise and worship to God. Therefore, the circumstances of this person’s untimely death shall be changed to his everlasting life.

All this is done because the person has initiated a more powerful life-positive energy force over his life, this force is God. Therefore, by a person's testimony of the word of God, by his praise to God, and by his worship God, he shall overcome all things and be able to do all things. For by this he has empowered a greater source over his life, and a force that is well able to preside beyond his typical means and abilities.

A person can worship any other God without his totality, but the God of life that shall extend your means and grant your salvation, requires your totality, for its only by a person emptying himself can he be filled. Therefore, a person's worship to God begins where the person ends, where his knowledge and capability have expired, where he is exhausted, this is the person's totality point, and that is the place where the person makes his initial connection with divinity. Here his weaknesses is exposed and he is in the fields of his embarrassment. The person must continue to the end of his worship and must not wake up from this embarrassment and go back to the element where he is stronger, for he might not even have the opportunity to go back. For the person's worship is unto God and not unto man. He must first explore and experience the positions of his weaknesses before he gets to his strength, and when he gets to his strength there is a higher level that he must attain. Therefore, a true worshiper is not likely to look good in front of people, for God will not allow him to stay on the same level while he grows towards his purpose of worship. For the person is measuring himself towards God, who is the object of his excellence, and before God, he has weaknesses that must be addressed publicly. He must face the music and deal with it.

The praise and worship team in the house of The Living God is not an entertainment team, to do and perfect only the things they know and to show fort themselves worthy. The praise and worship is there to lead the congregation into worship, so that the congregation too can commit their worship to God. The direction to where this worship may lead to is decided by the Spirit of the God whom the worship is to – that spirit is the Holy Spirit. This direction is not a preset standard where people decides the directions and the trajectory of a worship session. For the way the world do music is not the way the church do music, for the world worship is to the devil, but the saints shall worship God, and God shall direct His worship through His Spirit.


For the churches that puts a media player in and worships with that are feeding from off the praises of others, and they themselves are empty. For the praises that they are giving to God had already been given to God, and was done by other people. Therefore, these are they who comes to the house of God to worship and received nothing, for they themselves did not worship God. For God wants to see a person's weakness so that he can address it, for God cannot address a person's strength in worship but the person's weakness. For that which is strong does not need to be addressed but that which is weak. Therefore, it is a person's weaknesses that glorifies God, it is not his strength. Therefore, the person that comes and sing his own way with his own ability is better off in the sight of God - though he appears weak and lacking to man - than the person that gets it right by singing over another person's worship - for this is not acceptable with God. For the man that is weak shall be eventually made strong while he continues, but the man who was perfect in the wrong way shall eventually fade away, for God does not regard his method of worship, for it is false worship and not true worship.

For some of these songs that they sing as gospel music are demonic. Some of the singers are demonically influenced and are hybrid demons, and their music leads souls to hell by the millions. For demons target the pivotal areas, for they must deceive souls. It should be evidently problematic when rock music becomes gospel music. For this is the devil’s music and the music of demonic infiltrations. For the demons are also genius of music, for they are fallen angels from heaven, where music is endemic, but the music of the demons does not glorify God. Therefore, a man lost his mind when he thinks that all music are music of worship. For there is two main distinctions to music, the music that glorifies God and the one that don’t. For a man cannot glorify God with anything that is demonic, for only demons can be glorified with what is rightly their own things. For the lord God Almighty is very particular about what He wants. For in this time a man must be either holy or gullible. For all gullible men shall perish in the judgment of God.

For the demonic spirits have taken over the churches through false worship of CD worshiping, and the demons that performs some of the songs are also there in the church to lead the people down to hell with the sweet enchanting sound of their music. For this is a path that leads man to the gates of hell, where many are enticed to be. Hardly have anyone every return from there, for the person that ends up their like this is mind controlled. Thus, we see those who are lead by the deceptions of CD worship, captured in their minds by this thrill that they feel from this lifeless phenomena. When they are done worship and have escaped that thrill then the spirit of the dead that they worshiped take its place in the ambiance of the church. There is no life, there, no light, there, it is wet, and cold, and dead, and depressed. For these who leads this move know not God, and the path that they are on had lead them even further from the knowledge of God.

The demons have become even more strategic in the government of the Antichrist that they have, strategically and pointlessly, get the church to be rid of the things that is to accommodate true worship. For a majority of churches starts at the same time (11 am on Sundays), this makes it impossible for them to bring in a musician, for there is not enough maestros for every church. Without actual musicians, there is no proper worship. For God does not regard CD worship. Every church MUST HAVE MUSICIAN, for the worship to God is His most important requirement. Therefore, churches need to change their time to where musicians can be available to play. This will make one musician have several churches that he will play for. This makes him better at what he do, because he does it more and will have more time to do it because he earns more from this many opportunities. Also this will put the musician in a place where he will have the time to be better prepared for each worship, in this way God is glorified.

The fact that most churches starts at the same time shows how effective the enemy had been in positioning things so that the worship to God cannot occur. For there is no day that is holy, neither Saturday nor Sunday, but God alone is holy. A day can only be kept holy, as all days are to be kept holy. Therefore, the church that is not Sabbath that can conduct its worship on a Saturday. The church that is held on 11 O Clock Sunday morning can be held at 9 O Clock on a Friday night, or 3 O Clock on a Sunday, or Saturday - that is just to give examples of how pointless it is for so many churches to conduct services at the same time. This is the design of the enemy that this is so, it is a defeat to the objectives of the Kingdom of God, and it is something that we must address and change.


  • • God wants every church to have musicians and to engage in training programs for young musicians, to produce more players of instrument.

  • Every believer must worship He does not want people to come to church and not be mentally and physically involved in their own individual worship. Therefore, the praise and worship team is to lead people into this style of worship, so that all can be involved.

  • • He does not want worship from CD, that is bluntly unacceptable to God, for even more reasons than the ones I already mentioned.

  • • The worship of God must not be planned, but plan to worship. Therefore, the that come to lead the worship must come prepared and not rehearsed. Their heads and minds must be clear and their hearts open. The musicians need to be skillful. Therefore:

  • • The plan that I have already mentioned above must be executed. The starting time of the divine worship services needs to be changed to accommodate the availability of musicians that can be available to come and play in person. While young musicians be trained, and be also taught not to use their talents for the world, for The Kingdom of God does not mix.

  • • When you come out to worship EXTEND THE WORSHIP and let each time be your ultimate worship. For God requires the totality of every person's worship. If you sound bad, then you will grow to sound better and better and better, your worship is still acceptable to Him for you have gave Him what you have, He will address the weaknesses in time.

For heaven is a place where much worship is and where much worship shall be. This place is our destination; we must first adopt its environment. Furthermore, this is the source of all things, and our very life. We have everything through our true worship - not just any worship. Our victories are won here.

The Power Of Worship

The “Power Of Worship” is the power of God, for worship connects God’s power to man. Therefore, sicknesses and diseases are healed here. Problems are solved and dissolved, blessings are in store. Because of a man’s worship, he is drawn closer to God. Worship brings understanding to God’s word. God is in His word, for His word is Him. Therefore, also is God come now through worship. Therefore, His word comes because He comes, and He is His Word. Therefore, a man’s total answer and answer to all his problems stems from his worship. For it is there he gets a chance to connect with God, who is the answer to all his problems. This makes man’s worship the very source of his salvation to all things and in all things. For man must first connect to the source in order to get what is in it. When man stop worshipping God, lifelessness starts happening.

Some Worship Songs Are Demonic

Music comes from heaven, it was made to worship, for so did they worshiped Him before the flood, and so did they worshipped him after the flood.

The music that man committed on earth, he does so because his soul requires it. His soul requires it because his soul came from God, who is in heaven, and that soul knows the music that was there. When the angels that were cast out of heave were cast out of heaven, the no longer did worship, neither was any worship done for them, for the have now no access to subject of worship as they did before.

Those fallen angels were originally made to worship God – for angels were made with that purpose. Now that they are fallen the can no longer worship God, so their worship is to mock God. These angels have talents and gifts, but they are not servants of God. Therefore, their use of music is to reverse the worship of God into that which will mock Him. They have made a business by mocking God and have raised up musicians and singers to adopt their type and style of music that belongs to the world and is fit only to destroy the house of God. The church bought into this type of music because it lacks holiness.

These demons have (Gospel artists) that sings their songs and have the almost the whole church community hooked on to it, and it is these trains that leads to hell. For when a person is not holy he cannot see or detect the songs that are not holy, for his spirit have the appetite for anything that jigs. As I have said before – you are either holy or gullible. The man or woman that is chosen by the demons to carry out their music, will have voice and talent, for that is not lacking with the demon. Therefore, there will be no shortage of talent in the presentation of his work, but this man is not holy, so then neither can his music bring people to holiness. Thus, them that follow after these shall fall into great temptation and fall further away from God. There is even greater mind control associated with this, for the demons are incline here. For how can one tell that the music that they love is to be taken from them. However, the deception of The Pale Horse is very strong in these days. For The Pale Horse represents the spirit of deception, and is very hard to detect.

These songs caries a thrill and not an anointing. So when it is being played it gives a thrill to listen to it, but when it is finished, the room is empty and the anointing is taken away rather than given. For the souls of the listeners were caught up into a frenzy with the gates of hell and was sweetly robbed of their anointing. The house of God is encountering some serious battles and they are being lead into these bottles with their hands tied, because they have no knowledge of what they are doing, nor of the operations of the holy spirit, or – in this cause – an anointing, and how it works.

Now because of this a lot of worship does not gets accepted by God. The problem with that is not even that God did not get that worship, for God could have got another worship. The problem is that some god gets it, and even if that which gets it was not a god it becomes a god because it is worshiped. For the anointing is life, and that anointing comes through worship. Therefore, a man can put life into lifeless gods through their worship. For the demons in this lifeless thing that the man shall worship shall rise and take preeminence over the life of those who worship. For because the demons was made alive by the man’s worship the demons himself have no life but the life of the man, so in worship the demons are taking away the life of those who worshiped them. Now take a look at those who worshiped God in this manner, after a while they are become dried up and aged up. For the idolatry is taking away the life from them. This should also be studied as a sine they are not in worship to the God of life – even though they are deceived that they are.

This is because CD worship is a hidden form of idolatry. For they feed of the praises of others, who have already given those praises. Furthermore, their worship is connected to the past, this have no bearings on what God wants to do or say on this particular, it is only remoteness and distraction from it. This is the effective plan of the enemy to kill the anointing of God through worship, and the ensure that all worship services occur at about the same time to promote a situation that would make the shortage of musicians inevitable. For musicians are need for live worship. This is a strategy of the enemy. For who created all days, have interest to be worshipped and all of them. For God have untapped anointing in worship, and wants His people to come now, and organize themselves, and worship him in spirit and in truth.

Worship Plan

We propose to extend the worship service in Sundays for all churches that is already furnished with live musicians. To extend the worship – without preaching but – with the opportunity to extend the praise and worship with more songs. This part will be more spontaneous and shall give the audience the opportunity to extend their worship, and with less of an entertainment effort by the praise and worship team. If the audience did not get involve then it makes no sense. For the opportunity is to get everyone in the audience to participate. For this is what God is requiring.

The churches that does not have musicians will need to conduct their Extended Worship on a slot between Monday and Saturday, [morning or daytime, or evening makes no difference]

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