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Lion of Judah
Lauderdale Lakes
- Wednesday May 15 - 2024

Lion of Judah

What Do I Need To Do To Be TRULY SAVED

Glory to the Lord God Yehweh, who had made salvation of the soul of man possible through the victory of His Son Yeshua Hamashiac (Jesus Christ).

Because, the breath of God - that He breathe into man became a living soul, then that soul that the breath became, is an eternal soul. This is because the source that the breath came form that became the living soul, is eternal, for that source is God.

If God is eternal then his breath must be eternal, and it was that breath that was breath in man for him to become a living soul. Therefore, that soul that the breath of the eternal God became, is also eternal, like the eternal breath that it came from.

Therefore, because man have an eternal soul that cannot die, when he leaves the flesh he shall go to dwell in a permanent body, because the flesh is only temporary.

A body have to accommodate the soul, for only by this evident existence the soul can exist. For if the soul exist without the body then no one can know that the soul even existed, for there is no evidence.

Therefore, let it be evident that when a man goes into the spiritual world, he shall have a body awaiting him there.

Note that the term death and hell is used together much in the bible. This is because death is the door that man walk through to go into hell - this hell is the first hell.

The process of death and the path that man travel through to go into hell is called The Gates Of Hell. This is a path that is filled with entices and lures man`s soul into hell. Man is lured into hell by the temptations of the same things that entices the man while he was alive.

Now hell is the real prison which when a man goes in, he cant get out. By this the gates of hell had prevailed over that soul. This means that a man can return from the dead before he gets lured into hell - very few ever does - because the key that the demons used to lure them is the same key the demons have for them in the life they lived on earth, promoted through the sins they were addicted to. Howbeit a man is stronger in the flesh to resist the things that he is addicted to than he would be in the spirit, for there the stance of his resistance is broken down.

Though people preached and teach that a soul has been saved and gone to heaven, the fact is that most souls are lost and are in hell. It takes a lot of self denial for a man to be in the presence of God. For there are any infirmity found in his soul, then that soul is no good, and is not qualified to be in the presence of God. It is called a soul because it have to be perfect and spotless.

Although people preached that comfortable doctrine of once saved always saved, the fact is that this salvation does not exist, for it doesn`t bring man close to God, where he need to be to accept his salvation. For if man`s salvation comes from the hand of God, then he must be close enough to God to receive anything out of His hands.

Therefore, nothing or no situation that distance man from God is convenient to make that man`s salvation possible.


  • if without holiness no man shall see God, then without holiness no man can see God. The body of Christ is the holy people of God, it is not the world, for the world is not saved.
  • f pride separates man from God, then the man in the pride of his sins that is separated from God cannot achieve his salvation - because his salvation must come from the hands of God - which he must be close to God to receive.

  • iIf the flesh cannot please God, then God is not happy with those who lived according to the will of the flesh. Therefore, to them that lived according to the will of the flesh He shall be a frowning judge in the afterlife.

The way to salvation The path to salvation is the path that the apostles laid down. Peter was given the assignment to setup the church. He knew what Jesus Christ wanted.

1. Repent. Repentance for the sins done in the flesh and mind, ask forgiveness to the people you hurt. Forgive those who hurt you. Come to the plan of salvation clean.

1b. Repent. If you are a celeberity or a person of prominence, then

2. Believe & Be Baptized. Your baptism needs to be real. immersed under water - the old fashion way - there is no sprinkling. your status from that view can create a distraction to the servants of God while they still live in the flesh. Idolatry is destructive to the kingdom of God, both to them who subjected themselves to the idols and to them whom the the idolaters are subjected. Therefore, that which pose itself as an idol in the sight of God is not acceptable in the sight of God. Do not let the gifts and talent that God has endowed upon you become the key to your own destruction, for the same God who gave you these things will punish you into everlasting fire.

Let every knees bow and every tongue confess that the son of God is the king over the earth given to him by his divine father, and he have no interest in them that come to be worshiped, for his divinity is not shared with idols. Therefore, put away the things that make you different and come to God with your whole heart. For except yeh shall humble yourselves and become as children then the Lord will not accept you.

1c. Repent. Those who shall come wealthy with the money you take from the world, you must make amends before coming to the alter of sacrifice, for that which was stolen from others, the Lord God will not accept as an offering. For no man can give unto God that which does not belong to Him, neither will God accept from anyone, that which they have that belongs to others.

True repentance is a process, it does not work like an apology, it is penitent and heart felt and resolute. This repentance comes when a man truly sees he is on a that God does not accept and decide to fix it.

Therefore, come not to the alter until you make right what you have done wrong.

3. Tarry for the Holy Ghost. You need the Holy Spirit to teach you how to live a Holy life, for no man can be holy without the Holy Spirit - for that man would not even know how. He needs the teacher that comes to teach him all things. Furthermore, when man goes into the afterlife he will need to be connected to the Holy Spirit to raise him up unto everlasting life, for he cannot raise himself up to life when he is dead. The dead man cannot rise, he has to be risen.

4. A man needs to have seal. The seal of God is an unbroken seal, this is living in the Holy Spirit without sinning. Any man who believes salvation is what he can hop in and out will find himself out. This means that he can be penetrated when he is out. Therefore, he is not sealed. If he is not sealed then the enemy will and shall use that opportunity to strike him down, and cause his death while he is outside of the will of God. If a man dies outside of the will of God, then there is no salvation for him. For the man must be in the will of God when he is dead in order to obtain the salvation of The Lord, for he cannot connect to God when he is dead to obtain the promise that he did not have and that same promise can only come through a man abiding in the will of God.

For the lord ask Adam ""where art thou?""> Even thou Adam was in a discernible physical place, yet Adam was outside of the will of God, so God could not recognize Adam. Any man any time that is outside of the perfect will of God cannot interact with the salvation of God, for that is not possible to do...

5. Finally and very importantly, bear fruits. Most of those who claim salvation these days does not win souls (They do not evangelize). When Christ talks about ""any branch in me that bears no fruit he shall cut down and cut into the fire"".

Bearing fruits means converting people to be like you are, for when you get people to be Christ like like you that is bearing fruits of your kind.

Therefore, let it be obvious that that statement means to win souls. Notice that there is a consequence for not doing evangelizing, for he said that that branch that bears no fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. That cut down means death, and the fire is hell. Any branch that bears no fruit is all branches that serves the master no purpose. His purpose is the winning of souls. Therefore, let it be evident that what the master is saying that them that are not winning souls are not fruitful, them that are not fruitful are useless, them that are useless are cut down and sent to burn in hell.

By their fruits you shall know them, so where are the souls that you win as a believer. The word of God is saying that such a believer that does not win soul is not true. This part of your salvation is not to be ignored.

Follow the plan of salvation, and you shall be saved

Now after yeh are saved yeh must untangle yourselves from the world. Come now into The B5 Community where the people of God (The Elect) shall dwell and build The Kingdom Of God on earth

The B5 Community

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