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# If somebody is making this matter a business then it can be treated as a business and bring forth the results that it is intended for.
# If this plan is laid out to accomplish the intended goals and the plan is being worked then it will bring forth the results it is intended for.
# If the plan is laid out and a rightful strategy is set, the difficulties and the hurdles and the challenges that we face can be solved if a rightful plan is put into place.
# An inevitable strategy can defeat an inevitable problem.
# A business setup according to the plan is being dedicated to, followed and consistenced will ensure that the goal is accomplished
# If the aforementioned is to be, the plan that is set as the foundation before insighting such a move must be validated and proven to work. This means the offices and factors in such a plan must be truthfully effective.
Goals .# The goals must be first outlined
Problems # The problems that exists is the way things are, meaning everything that matters -without exception. Also the things that matters as the facts and established happenings that are preventing the goal from happening and that the things that needs to sease or be avoided, or be addressed in order to accomplish such a goal.
Obstacles # The Errors that can prevent such a goal to be accomplished must be Noticed, Oversee and Solved.
1. The goal is to pluck the church out of the church. In other words, the people who are within the so called churches that who are being lead astray because of the false doctrine that they are lead to believe that is now destining them to hell, these people must be plucked out.
2. When they come from out of where they are, we will need to be setup where we can nurture those souls. Also we will need to be able to bring their families together and address, first the matter of their souls salvation, followed by the life that they must live to enter into to the kingdom of God-.-s heaven. We must have a plan to protect the family from demonic forces which will be trying to retort that famil. 2b. The family must be made to dwell in the HOLINESS OF GOD. (Need a plan that will bring families together every so often)
3. Our goal in soul seeking is to EMPHASIZE ON HELL and the reality that it does exist - which most people tend to doubt. This means that whatever we need to do to open their eyes to that reality is what we will.
4. The chanting of drums unto our God is to be purpectual. One or more shall join with the break of each one. There must be ONE CHANT ON ONE ACCORD. One shall lead this holy chant and all shall follow. The numbers that will join shall be many. Let a man first examine himself before encounter with such a matter of chanting a chant unto the Holy God. Because the Lord Our God is holy, let every man that will chant this chant live a holy life unto God. Eyes shall behold the apearance of the Lord Our God as He shall come fort to to seal his worship due to him. Man will then know that the Lord God Almighty lives and reign over heaven and earth.
5. The churches of the living God is to be merged into one church with one doctrine of salvation. This doctrine of salvation and victory over sin must be thaught by the Holy Ghost and not by mans interpretation. Therefore, there shall be no misinterpretion of any scriptures and of the perfect will of God. No man shall teach or preach any doctrine or speak about any Godly things or will of God without the authority of the Holy Ghost. Furthermore, no man shall testify or speak or teach or exort any congregation of the houshold of faith without he himself have a proven testimony of his faith, for such a person is a hypochryte.

The Problems We face With Kingdom Of Satan and his angels

No wise man go into a war without understanding his adversaries and being aware of his enemies ability to prevent him from being victorious.
The powers of darkness are fully deployed and the biggest problem we face is the matter of deception.
The problem with deception is that the decieved dont know that they are being decieved because such is the nature of deception. The churches and the doctrines they are preaching is not authorized by god and most of the members dont know it. For this matter most members of most church are busy on their way to destruction and have no knowledge of what is taling place.
The take down plan
We cannot fight our enemies where they are absent, we have to go where they are hanging out and educate them. Deception is what they are under and not lack of willingness towards god. The things they are watching on the internet, the folloing of people who are following demons, all this they are doing without being aware of what is happening.
Hell is what controls them, what they had signed up for and cant seems to get rid of. Hell is not ready to reveal to them that they are being fooled and trapped. Our mission is to visit those entries where they are being inducted and snatch them. Those who are already there and tasted of the sin will have a harder time contemplating anything different. Therefore, we expect to encounter much resistance and warefare going into those camps. One have to also be careful to be not decieved because the deciever holds no exception to anyone.
Now since you are on the grounds of the enemy-.-s camp you are in their spiritual geographical environment. There is a universal law where people can adopt what is within their environment. It is by this law that people from the same physical geographical location speaks the same language in the same way and have familiar customs and traits.
This means that if you are going in the enemy-.-s camp to win his coherents, you must be totally focus and arm yourself clearly with what your mission is. Then do what you go to do in their and get out as fast as possible. Beware of being captured. This is a very powerful law.

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