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The Immigrants Defense Engagement Movement


Please DONATE to help us fight to get Common Sense Laws past to make sure everyone is treated with the proper dignity that WE ALL deserve

  • If you are not a United States Indian then you are an IMMIGRANT.
  • No man can build a wall that another man cannot destroy, because man do not have supremacy over man
  • Hate ia ignorance, so those who are motivated by hate are ignorant
  • No man shall rule the world because the world already have a supreme ruler. Thus, thus the ability and power to rule the world could not come from below - where man remains subjected to the powers above them
  • A man is a flower in a garden that is scheduled to be cut down, for the garden must be plenished and clean. Him that tends to the care and matters of the garden have the authority and right to determine the tre that shall be cut down and cast away and burn. Therefore, if a tree is poisonous are is toxic and creates an unsafe environment for the other flowers around it, such a tree shall be destroyed, so shall those around it who had been poluted by the same bad tree
  • Any man who abuse his authority to do eveil shall loose such authority. If such that the man shall abuse is not lost upon the abuse of this authority then that authority is not of God. Godly authority cannot authorise evil because God will not authorise that which is evil
  • Thefore, any authority that was not given by God is not right for any man to honor or obey

What happened: Crowds took to the streets of US cities Saturday to demand "Families Belong Together" nearly two months after the Trump administration implemented its "zero tolerance" policy toward undocumented immigrants, prompting the separation of thousands of children from their parents.

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