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What Is The Local Teller CARD WALLET

South Florida now have a system where anyone with a smartphone can ACCESS YOUR BUSINESS CARD !!

Hello my name is Delroy Young I am with your Local Teller Information Distribution System. The Local Teller is the system that now controls all the business leads and business referrals in South Florida (region).

We are establishing a local accessible system - called the Card Wallet - for all business cards in South Florida, where the South Florida public will now be able to access, save, and also distribute your business card electronically, by means of their smartphones.

There will be no charge for the referrals that the card wallet system will generate. There is only an accessibility fee for $300 for the whole year - or $25 a month.

The services and results are guaranteed and there is no contract... We would like to have the honor of including your Business Card in this/our CARD WALLET SYSTEM.

All we will need is to initiate your service so we can generate a card ID for your business, then I will provide you with the mailing address to mail us a copy of your business card so we can digitalize it and process it to our system.

We will not charge your charge card until we are ready to setup your card portals, all we will do today is to put that card on file for processing. I would like to have your permission to submit for your Business Card Upload.

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