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I, the servant of the living God was commissioned to build a system to reveal the dark secrets of man and the powers that govern them to the people of the earth. His oat shall be revealed so that the eyes of every man shall be opened up to the powers that work against them and the conspiracies against the Lord God Of Heaven and Earth.

Let every man know that The Lord God Almighty is the ruler of the earth and of heaven heaven and the heavens, and of the seas that spreadeth, and everything their in. Our God is the ruler of the universe and the authority over the laws that govern the universe.

By Gods divine authority the universe is commanded to carry out the works according to the order of His testament.
By His power he had created man with a sovereign will that remains sovereign when man remain in His will.
Him who is king of Kings and Lord of lords own all things because such an authority denotes that denotes that one with the title of King of Kings have authority over all kings and rulers of the earth, and the principalities that exist. Whether such principality is within the natural world or the spiritual.

Because the souvereignty of our God is such, none can decide on any matter to be so except His agreement and consent.

Such as holdeth the keys of death and hell is the true authority of every man. Hell is the ultimate prison and correctional facility. Any man or being, or principality, or power, or god who have the power over such a place, is indeed the true authority over all the earth. Any man who have is wise to know that hell is a reality and such-a-place of ultimate suffering does exist, have true wisdom. The fear of such a person having the authority over hell is in the heart of the wise.

A man may lack the love for himself and become incapable of conjuring enough love for God. Yet such a condition does not condemns the man because a man is not condemn for what he is not capable of producing or understanding - God is the judge of such. However, any man who know of hell and the reality thereof will be caused to fear the Lord who is the power over such a place.

Because a man would lack the fear for God because of the lack of knowledge about the place He reserved for his wrath, the lack of knowledge about such a place is heart of a man's ignorance. As the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom so is the lack of fear for god the beginning of ignorance. If because of the lack of knowledge of hell man saw no need to fear God, then not knowing that hell exist is the ignorance that promotes the lack of fear and the same lack of fear for hell stems for the ignorance of its existence.

Lack of fear for hell is because of ignorance about hell itself, because it is not possible for any person to know of such a place hell and not fear. If knowledge of such a place, a man will spend his time securing himself against such.

Hell is fearful and is the place of the ultimate fear. Therefore, fear cometh from hell and is also a means to transport a fearful person into hell where it must return to associate with the spirits of its kind. While fear is returning to hell with those whom had become its prey, it must pass through death, because death is the door to hell. Those who got taken through the door of hell - through death - will not return. The kingdom of hell is just expanded. The darkness shall now appear.

Fear is the DNA of hell, and will therefore draw a person into hell. The fear of God is the only savior against such a dreadful place. This is so because the fear of God cast out all other fears because God is consistent. Even fear itself feareth God because it will not come close enough to snatch anything out of His hand, yet still man refuse to fear the Lord our God. Fear refused even to go into anyone that God is into because of God's sake. No man can harm those who are under the will of God, but any man that is not within the will of God is not safe.

Such a person not abiding in the will of God shall know fear because such a person is within the territories of fear where the grace of God cannot affect him.

Therefore, let it be seen obvious that any man who is consisted with fear have not the Spirit of God and is an unbeliever. Any man that claim to fear God and doeth not His will is a liar.

Any man who is called to declare the will of God and refuse to speak on the subjects that is within the will of God had done so through fear of recompense. The fear of recompense is not the fear of God nor the fear for God. Such fear of recompense shall be the recompense of fear, which is death and hell.

The servants of the Living God shall speak without fear of any and shall declare the word of god without exception or regard to any earthly or supernatural power.
Those who are put in place to educate the mass concerning the will of God, and refuse to warn the people of the wrath of God, which is scheduled, and the place He had reserved for His wrath, shall be held liable.

Any preacher who refuse to educate his people about the existence of a real hell, and to make that subject the constant main stream directive in the structure of contents that their congregations will hear, is not within the will of God nor is promoting the subjects of His agenda. Any person who is wise to leave and withdraw from such had begin their journey towards the kingdom of God.

The church these days refuse to talk about HELL. They said it needs to be about love Iand that GOD not about condemnation. For the more they said that hell will be after the judgment and I'm believe that ghost does exist. What they don't know is that those who are not saved shall go to hell immediately when they die. This is in the best interest of the Demons to concealed from them.

The church had lasted purpose because they no longer preach the gospel. The fact is that being born is a very troubled teen because being born lands your chance to go to hell. If a person end up in hell it would be better to have not been born because you sacrifice an eternal life for temporary life. This is a very foolish concept

The condition of Salvation is not subject to a man's belief. Belief in what is not real does not make it real. Only the truth can save a man's soul

It is sad to know that a lot of Christians are ending up in hell. Know you could call that a mischievous comment but what if just what if. The standard of God is not compromise. He said they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. That means that God is the only worship that he will accept. Then if he's not accepting of worship where is it going. Somebody have to be getting that worship

It is a very foolish thing to sacrifice an eternal life for temporary life. If your life is a business that you're supposed to be handling then you're handling it very badly if you're choosing debt Eternal that over life

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